Cruise to the island of Samothrace from the island of Lemnos

lemnos samothraki thassos

These two islands are 45 nautical miles far from each other or approximately 7
hours of sailing. The island of Samothrace is visible from quite a distance because
of its summit, the mount Saos which rises up to 1611m
The access to the port of Kamariotissa poses no particular problem and offers
water and electricity supplies.
Generally, there are always available berths because the island is not a big tourist
destination. You may dock laterally from the entry of the left port. You can anchor
alongside the dock on the left side while entering the port.
The main village of Samothrace, Kamariotissa is of no particular interest but you
can rent cars and scooters.
The beauty of this island lies in its interior parts that have not been affected by
For history lovers, visit the archaeological site of Kavirion. The village of
Samothrace, hidden in the mountain has kept its authenticity. Do not forget to
make a detour at the traditional pastry shop “Lefkos Pyrgos” to taste the local
For lovers of nature and discovery,
An excursion to the “Rema tou Fonia” is strongly advised (lush vegetation,
waterfalls, swimming in natural pools). In the village of Prophitis Ilias, do not forget
to try the local specialty, spit-roasted kid goat.

Cruise to Thassos from the island of Samothrace

These two islands are separated by 38 miles, about 5 hours and a half of sailing.
Thassos is a tourist destination but lesser known to yachts, which offers the
advantage of easily finding anchorage points in all the coves of the island.
The port of Thassos, Limenaria is easily accessible with water supply facilities,
electricity and fuel.
Visit the archaeological museum of the city and its ancient theatre.
Local specialties are honey and spoon sweets.
The Ports of Kalirachi and Limenaria are interesting but shallow. Attention to lowdraft
The creek of Alikes on southeast of the island is well suited for anchorage.
In ancient times, the creek was an ancient marble quarry of which you can see the
remains. Skala Potamias is a beautiful sandy beach although very touristy.
The inland villages such as Panagia and Theologos Kalirachi have kept a
picturesque appearance.