Cruise to the islands of Lemnos and Agios Efstratios

lemnos agios eftratios

  • Nikiti – île de Limnos : 90 nautical miles and 70 nautical miles.
    It is best to take a break in one of the two stops of Chalkidiki.
    The port of Myrina is usually the first port reached when sailing to Limnos. It is a
    large basin with few berths but with access to water and electricity. Over there you
    have good chances of finding strong Northeastern winds (meltemi)
  • Limnos – Moudros: 35 nautical miles. It is better to stop along the way to
    the beaches of Thanos, Agios Pavlos / Nevgati and Agios Ioannis where it is
    possible to anchor. These coves are easily distinguishable and are at a distance of
    45 minutes between them. The seabed is sandy and anchors hold well.
    The Gulf of Moudros is one of the most protected bays of the Mediterranean with
    sufficient depths and well sheltered from the wind. There is a possibility of
    anchorage in the beach at the right of Aspro Cavo. Moudros is the main port of
    the village. Generally little frequented, it’s easy to find available berths.
  • Limnos – Agios Efstratios: 20-25 nautical miles. The island of Agios Efstratios
    has long been a land of exile, which is why it’s a wild island, unwelcoming and not
    ideal for anchorages. In the western part there are several beaches as well as the
    small port of the village. Avoid when weather reports are announcing strong