Cruise around the peninsula of Chalkidiki and in the Sporades islands

sporades halkidiki

  • Nikiti – Port Marmaras : 11 nautical miles. A small port with floating pontoons
    and few berths available. It is best to dock at the marina of Porto Carras.
  • Nikiti – small creeks of Porto Carras: 11 nautical miles. Just after the hotel of
    Porto Carras, easily visible from the sea and its marina, there are small coves with
    turquoise waters, well protected from the wind.
  • Small creeks of Porto Carras – Porto Koufo: 11 nautical miles. Throughout
    the journey, we must sail off the islets of Spalathronission. Porto Koufo is the best
    natural harbour in the whole Aegean Sea. It is sheltered in all weather conditions.
  • Gulf of Sykia – the island of Diaporos: 20 nautical miles. There’s no particular
    difficulty along the route, the waters are clear and the depths are suitable for
    anchoring. You can swim and remotely anchor in different beaches such as
    Platanitsi, Kavourotripes, Armenistis, Zografou and Manassou. The island of
    Diaporos provides anchorage protected by any kind of weather.
  • The island of Diaporos – Amouliani: 15 nautical miles. You can swim in Alikes
    (Gulf of Tsarki). In the main port of the island there is no access to water or
    electricity. The Amouliani village is worth a visit. You can combine a visit to the
    island for the day with a return to Ormos Panagias for the night. At Ormos
    Panagias on the left side as you enter, there is a fairly new marina with floating
    pontoons where you can find a berth. Go stern or bows to a pontoon / dock.
  • Ormos Panagias – Gulf of Sykia. We suggest you cross the Gulf of Sykia to
    sail along the coastline of Mount Athos and admire its famous monasteries

    Note: The Shipping Act (Maritime Law) prohibits any stop and anchoring at any
    point of the coastline of Mount Athos or approaching at less than 500 meters. If
    however you wish to visit, access is only available to men with an authorization
    issued by the office of Mount Athos at Ouranoupoli.

  • Porto Koufo – Kyra Panagia: 40 nautical miles. You can stop at the coves of Planiti up north and Agios Petros to the southwest.
    Beautiful sandy clayey seabed that allows a good anchorage.
    Very good shelter in the small inlet where the little rocky islet is located. The cove
    of Agios Petros is exposed to south – south west winds that cause an
    uncomfortable surge. The strong winds reduce the safety of the anchorage.
    Beautiful sandy seabed.
  • Kyra Panagia – Alonissos : 7-8 nautical miles to get to the northern part of the
    island, 15 nautical miles to the port of Patitiri. Very easy passing in the straits of
    Alonissos Peristera. Swimming areas in the beaches of Agios Petros, Kokinokastro,
    Giorgi, Milias and Megalo Mourtia at the southern tip of the island. The main port
    of Alonissos, Patitiri, is small with few anchor rings. North east winds cause an
    uncomfortable surge.
  • Alonissos- Peristera : 7 nautical miles. The island of Peristera, uninhabited
    allows good anchorages in its southern part (coves of Vassiliko and Xiros)
    sheltered from north winds.
  • Alonissos – Skantzoura : 18 nautical miles. The island of Skantzoura is also
    uninhabited and only allows anchorages in two creeks: the west cove, the busiest
    one, and the southern which is smaller and less known, both of them are well
    sheltered. Very good quality sandy seabed that offers good holding
  • Skantzoura – Skopelos : 20 nautical miles. The island of Skopelos has many
    beaches for swimming: Staphylos, Limnonari, Kastani, Milia and Panormos which
    is ideal for anchorage. The main port of Skopelos, the largest of the Sporades,
    gives you access to water, electricity and fuel. It is the safest harbour of the
    Sporades Islands and it is strongly recommended in case of bad weather.
    The port of Klima or Elios is located in the western part of the island. This small
    port that offers a protected shelter from the north winds is equipped with water
    and electricity outlets.
    In the port of Loutrakio, northwest of the island, there’s only one floating pontoon.
  • Skopelos (western part) – Skiathos : 12 nautical miles.
    Even though Skiathos has only a few protected anchorages, it offers beautiful
    white sand beaches, ideal for swimming: Koukounaries, Banana, Vromolimnos
    and the small island of Tsougria.
    The port of Skiathos, the most touristy and busiest of the Sporades islands, is very
    noisy with a lot of boats. To be avoided in the weekends starting Friday.
    If you decide to put the yacht on the dock do not forget to leave at least 45 meters
    of chain in the seabed. In the seabed of the port there is an old relic of a chain
    where there is a good chance of getting your anchor crossed or stuck.
    Avoid placing the yacht where the floating dock meets the cement, as that is
    where the anchors are intertwined.